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jQuery Question

JQuery - Multiple Select Options

I am trying to grab all selected items in the following select multiple and separate them by a comma. The code is below:

<select id="ps-type" name="ps-type" multiple="multiple" size="5">
<option>Residential - Wall Insulation</option>
<option>Residential - Attic /Crawl Space Insulation</option>
<option>Residential - Foundation Insulation</option>
<option>Residential - Exterior Roof System</option>
<option>Commercial - Wall Insulation</option>
<option>Commercial - Air Barrier System (Walltite)</option>
<option>Commercial - Roof System</option>

The result I am looking for is the following:

Residential - Wall Insulation, Commercial - Wall Insulation, ...

Thanks for the help.

Answer Source

You can use the :selected selector, and the inline $.map() function as part of your chain.

$("option:selected").map(function(){ return this.value }).get().join(", ");
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