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Python Question

Find the right path with os.chdir() in digital ocean

I tried several ways but never succeeded. I need to change the directory in digital ocean (

). I have files saved in the same folder as where the file.py file is. file.py and other files that file.py aim to execute are all in
. When I ran
$python file.py
, it appears an error of the directory:


OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/folder/PH/Programs'

I am sorry for this naive question. Thank you.

Answer Source

Either you provide the full path to file, or do not put a slash at the beginning. That means the root directory.

go with:


If it is in your home directory, or otherwise specify the full path to file.

(In fact, the path you say in your question is wrong for the same reason).

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