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How do you render or not render table data based on conditions, using a loop in React JS?

I'm doing an exercise using React.js and am having trouble iterating through a data array and selectively rendering elements based on the properties in each data node.

The dataset is formatted like this:

var requests = [
{"id":1, "title":"request","updated":"2015-08-15","created":"2015-08-12","status":"Denied"}, ...]

My rendering code is looking for a flag value to determine what it should or should not be rendering. The logic is working fine (i.e. returning true or false when it should, a la console.log), but the rendering code, written in JSX, is giving me trouble. This is what I have so far in the tbody section:

{requests.map(function(row, i) {
{filter === requests[i].status || filter === "" ?
<tr key={i}>
<td style={tdStyle}>{row.title}</td>
<td style={tdStyle}>{row.status}</td>
<td style={tdStyle}>{row.created_at}</td>
<td style={tdStyle}>{row.updated_at}</td>
<td style={tdStyle}><a href="">delete</a></td>
: null}

I have looked at this link for guidance, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer Source
const requests =  [
    {"id":1, "title":"Request from Nancy","updated_at":"2015-08-15 12:27:01 -0600","created_at":"2015-08-12 08:27:01 -0600","status":"Denied"},
    {"id":2, "title":"Request from David","updated_at":"2015-07-22 11:27:01 -0600","created_at":"2015-07-15 12:27:01 -0600","status":"Approved"}

const jsx = function(filter) {

    const isCorrectStatus = (x) => x.status === filter;

    return  <tbody>    
         {requests.filter(isCorrectStatus).map(function(row, i) {
           return <tr key={i}>
               <td><a href="">delete</a></td>

const filter = 'Denied';
ReactDOM.render(jsx(filter), document.getElementById('app'));

I'd rewrite it as follows, we have a prebuilt filter method, we may as well use it rather than reimplementing the wheel, and it keeps our code a little cleaner.

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