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Javascript Question

How can I have a textarea popup when the user clicks a button?

I've tried PopBox to have a textarea pop up, but the functionality of PopBox seems to be incompatible with the game system. (For example, I know for a fact that

works in the html page testing, but does not happen at all in the actual game)

Currently the game has this confirm box system implemented. Is there a way to add a textarea to this?

If not, is there any other Jquery/JS tricks/plugins that will allow a textarea box to pop up when a button is clicked?

Answer Source

check this plugin


very easy and clean to use, you can do whatever you want.

its easy to change the input by a textarea

in jquery.alerts.js file, search for 'prompt' case, and change the input by textarea.

i made this for me and have been working so far.

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