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Git keeps prompting me for password

I've been using Git for a while now, but the constant requests for a password are starting to drive me up the wall.

I'm using OSX and Github, and I set up Git and my SSH keys as instructed by GitHub's Set Up Git page . I've also added the github SSH key to my Mac OSX keychain, as mentioned on GitHub's SSH key passphrases page . My public key is registered with Git.

Nevertheless, every time I try to git pull, I have to enter my username and password. Is there something other than an SSH key that I need to set up for this?

Answer Source

I think you may have the wrong git repo url. Make sure you're using the SSH one:


And NOT the https or git one:

You can now validate with just the SSH Key instead of the username and password.

[Edit:] If Git complains that 'origin' has already been added, open the .config file and edit the url = "..." part after [remote origin]

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