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Visual Studio 2012/2013 Navigation Back/Forward with Mouse confliting with Mouse Plugin

The Navigate Backward (Ctrl+-) and Forward (Ctrl+SHIFT+-) buttons on the IDE use to be controlled by the mouse lateral Back/Forward buttons in VS 2010.

In VS 2012, the mouse buttons only works in some cases, like going back after clicking in "Go To Definition" in a method call. They are not attached to the IDE buttons.

Trying to fix that, I've installed this plugin: Mouse Navigation

Well, it works fine until you use the "Go To Definition", after that, the embedded VS Back/Forward mouse functionality start to conflict with the plugin, resulting in messy behavior!

Am I the only one with this problem? I've tried to Google it, but I've found nothing.

This is really annoying! I hope someone can help me to solve that.


As you can see at the marked answer, the plugin have been fixed by its developer thanks to this topic. The last version (2.2.0) is working fine.

Some clarifying:

Visual Studio (2012) separates the normal navigation from "click to go" navigation.

Normal navigation: mouse click anywhere in code editor, tab change also.

Click to go navigation: Go to definition, search result click. It is controlled by the buttons named: "Browse Back / Next" "Previous/Next Definition, Declaration or Reference". You can find it in the View custom toolbar.

The default VS mouse back/forward buttons are attached to the "Browse Back / Next" buttons, not to the Navigate back/forward.

The VS plugin Mouse Navigation sets the mouse buttons to the Navigate back/forward. The only remaining problem is that because VS doesn't consider "click to go" as normal navigation, when you click to go to a definition and try to go back using the Ctrl+- or mouse back, you will not return to the last position, but to the previous "Normal navigation" position.

My suggestion to the plugin developer is to try to make VS consider "click to go" navigation as normal ones, completely solving this issue.

Answer Source

I just updated the Mouse Navigation extension to improve reliability of the commands. For some reason I never updated the extension to properly use the new IMouseProcessorProvider interface when I migrated from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010, and that bug never bothered me enough to revisit the extension until today.

You should find that version 2.1.0 behaves properly in Visual Studio 2010-2013.

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