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Bash Question

Passing argument to alias in bash

Is it possible to do the following:

I want to run the following:

mongodb bin/mongod

In my bash_profile I have

alias = "./path/to/mongodb/$1"

Answer Source

An alias will expand to the string it represents. Anything after the alias will appear after its expansion without needing to be or able to be passed as explicit arguments (e.g. $1).

$ alias foo='/path/to/bar'
$ foo some args

will get expanded to

$ /path/to/bar some args

If you want to use explicit arguments, you'll need to use a function

$ foo () { /path/to/bar "$@" fixed args; }
$ foo abc 123

will be executed as if you had done

$ /path/to/bar abc 123 fixed args

To undefine an alias:

unalias foo

To undefine a function:

unset -f foo

To see the type and definition (for each defined alias, keyword, function, builtin or executable file):

type -a foo

Or type only (for the highest precedence occurrence):

type -t foo
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