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Java Question

Offline api references and recommended online ones?

I want to find an offline good reference on the jsf components.
I'm currently learning about jsf 2.0 from core jsf 2.0 book + glassfish + cdi.

I've found the online version such as
, but so far i've been unlucky to find the offline versions of the api doc.

Could anyone share offline versions of it, and maybe share other good jsf 2.0 references ?

Thank you !

Answer Source

If you download Mojarra binaries from their homepage (click orange button on right hand side), all the necessary documentation is available in /docs/ of the downloaded binary (where X.X.X is the version number). The documentation contains the offline versions of Java API docs, JS docs, Managed bean docs, RenderKit docs, Taglib docs for JSP and Taglib docs for Facelets). You can also download the JSF 2.0 specification PDF file (click the one "for evaluation"), it contains among others also several references about configuration settings.

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