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TypeScript Question

How do I display a single JSON object in the template

I have a detail component that is supposed to display the 5 day forecast for a given city and I am able to retrieve the data successfully when I call the http.get(Url) method.

However I'm not sure how to bind this JSON data to my view.

*I know how to display data in a list view but I'm not sure how to display a single object.

Detail Component:

selector: 'app-weather-detail',
templateUrl: './weather-detail.component.html',
styleUrls: ['./weather-detail.component.css']
export class WeatherDetailComponent implements OnInit {

public weatherDetailItem: any;
private name: any;

private weatherService: WeatherService,
private route: ActivatedRoute,
private location: Location

//This method will retrieve the 5 day forecast for the city name in the route param
.do(data => console.log(data))
.subscribe((data) => {
this.weatherDetailItem = data;

goBack(): void {

ngOnInit() {
this.name = this.route.snapshot.params['name'];


fetchDetail() calls the http.get method and grabs me this data:


In my template I have this:


When I actually load the page, it gives me City: [object Object]. I tried to access that JSON data with {{weatherDetailItem.city.name}} but received an error. Any ideas?


Answer Source

You can use ?. operator (for async call). So, It should be


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