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Greasemonkey - Add overflow:hidden to <main class="bucket_main">

I don't know anything about scripting and this will be the first time that I ever tried to create a Greasemonkey script. I couldn't find an existing Mozilla Firefox add-on or user script, so that is why I had to resort to such measures.

So anyway, there is a website that I visit on a regular basis. Let's call it It has been adding an additional, unnecessary, and non-functional vertical scrollbar next to the browser's vertical scrollbar.

I want to create a user script that changes this line:

<main class="bucket__main">


<main class="bucket__main" style="overflow:hidden;">

Since I am a complete newbie and this will probably take a very small amount of code, could someone please give me a full answer (full code) that I can just copy and paste into my new script? I am worried that I will get some incomplete code that won't do anything because something is missing.

Thank you.


This should do the trick if there is only one occurence of the class bucket__main: