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Conda virtual envinment not changing under Windows

I have installed Anaconda 2.2.0 for Windows and created a virtual environment via:

> conda create -n my-env anaconda

The environment is sucessfully created and I see it in my list of envinronments (and indeed the directory is there in Anaconda\envs..)

> conda info -e
# conda environments:
my-env D:\Anaconda\envs\my-env
root * D:\Anaconda

However, when running the activate.bat script to switch envinronment, although it appears to be successful the switch isn't actually made:

> activate.bat my-env
Activating environment "astropy-dev"...
> conda list -e
# conda environments:
my-env D:\Anaconda\envs\my-env
root * D:\Anaconda

With the
indicating the active environment.

I have seen some issues with conda activate on Windows but haven't found this sepecific issue.

For further info: I am looking to copy the whole Anaconda package distribution and then install a dev version over one package.



If you are using Powershell, activate currently does not support it. You will need to modify your PATH manually, or else use the cmd shell.