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Weird var_dump behavior

I have the following line of code:


In one file, it outputs this:

array (size=0)

In the second file, it outputs this:

string '<pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'>
<b>array</b> <i>(size=0)</i>
<i><font color='#888a85'>empty</font></i>
</pre>' (length=119)

Any ideas what's causing this in the second file? When I view the source of the rendered markup of the second file, I see this:

<pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'><small>string</small> <font color='#cc0000'>'&lt;pre class=&#39;xdebug-var-dump&#39; dir=&#39;ltr&#39;&gt;&#10;&lt;b&gt;array&lt;/b&gt; &lt;i&gt;(size=0)&lt;/i&gt;&#10; &lt;i&gt;&lt;font color=&#39;#888a85&#39;&gt;empty&lt;/font&gt;&lt;/i&gt;&#10;&lt;/pre&gt;'</font> <i>(length=119)</i>

UPDATE 1: the view -> source of the first file:

<pre class='xdebug-var-dump' dir='ltr'>
<b>array</b> <i>(size=0)</i>
<i><font color='#888a85'>empty</font></i>

Answer Source

var_dump() is replaced by Xdebugs custom function, as mentioned here:

Xdebug replaces PHP's var_dump() function for displaying variables. Xdebug's version includes different colors for different types and places limits on the amount of array elements/object properties, maximum depth and string lengths. There are a few other functions dealing with variable display as well.

Guess you're somehow/where implementing xdebug in your second file.

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