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Xamarin cycle 7 IOS IPA output now in a datetime folder

I have just updated to the latest version of Xamarin studio, however when I try to build my solution using XBuild, through our continuous integration server it now generates the IPA file in a data time folder, (within the usual bin\iphone\Ad-hoc folders) e.g. :

Finisher3 2016-06-09 11-57-45\Finisher3.ipa

however I do not understand why it now does this - in the previous version it gave me a file as follows:


Does anyone know how to get it back to setting the version number again, rather than putting it in a date time folder which makes it fairly impractical to copy the IPA to a release folder once I have finished building it.

Answer Source

According the the discussion on the Xamarin forums, there are two options

Option 1) (can't get this working though)

$(IpaPackagePath) MSBuild variable can be used to locate the .ipa file

Options 2)

    <_IpaOutputPath>$(DeviceSpecificOutputPath)$(_AppBundleName) $([System.DateTime]::Now.ToString('yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss'))</_IpaOutputPath>
    <IpaPackageName Condition="'$(IpaPackageName)' != '' And !$(IpaPackageName.EndsWith ('.ipa', StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))">$(IpaPackageName).ipa</IpaPackageName>
    <IpaPackageName Condition="'$(IpaPackageName)' == ''">$(_AppBundleName).ipa</IpaPackageName>


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