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Stop logging of Android Beacon Library

I am trying to stop the debugging spew of the Android beacon library, but it does not work.

I have this in my gradle:

compile 'org.altbeacon:android-beacon-library:2.3.3'

I tried:

public BeaconManager(Context ctx, org.altbeacon.beacon.BeaconManager beaconManager) {
mContext = ctx;
this.beaconManager = beaconManager;

// this is saying deprecated

// I also tried this and the same thing

But no matter what, i keep getting these logs. And they get on the way to debug other things.

02-18 16:21:29.784 31809-31818/com.myapp D/ScanRecord: first manudata for manu ID
02-18 16:21:29.784 31809-31818/com.myapp D/BluetoothLeScanner: onScanResult() - ScanResult{mDevice=45:0A:1B:49:64:7F, mScanRecord=ScanRecord [mAdvertiseFlags=6, mServiceUuids=[f41ef1ee-fde5-23be-5f4b-589c71babfdd], mManufacturerSpecificData={76=[2, 21, 97, 104, 113, 9, -112, 95, 68, 54, -111, -8, -26, 2, -11, 20, -55, 109, 0, 3, 17, -71, -89]}, mServiceData={}, mTxPowerLevel=-2147483648, mDeviceName=BC Beacon´┐Ż], mRssi=-106, mTimestampNanos=284946077119796}

any clues?

Answer Source

Create your own Log Tag filter with the following regex:


It will remove all lines with "ScanRecord" in it, you can add more by doing (ScanRecord|BluetoothLeScanner) if needed

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