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Bash Question

Replace some but not all spaces in text file (shell/bash)

Let's say that I have a file (example.txt) with the next structure:

NAAME 111 2222 333
NAMME 111 22 333
NNA ME 444 555 2
NNAAME 1 5 8
N MEEE 44 66 111

I would like to replace the spaces between the numbers with a separator, like
but not affecting the name.

One option I was thinking is to change the space in the name and put a "low bar", then remove all the spaces in the file and write "|" and after change again the "_" in the name for a space.

Any idea how to do that in shell? Or maybe a better option?

The expect output would be this

NNA ME|444|555|2
N MEEE|44|66|111

Thank you very much!

Answer Source

you can use a sed expression to do that:

sed -i 's/\([[:digit:]]\)\ \([[:digit:]]\)/\1|\2/g' file.txt


NA ME3|444|555|2
NAME4|1 5|8
N ME5|44|66|111

explanation of the sed command:

  • -i : in-place: modify file.txt
  • [[:digit:]] : as you might think: matches a digit
  • \(<patter>\) : enclosing something between escaped brackets \( and \) makes them a pattern that can be referenced. Since I used this twice; in the second part of the sed command; I can use \1 and \2 to refer to these two patterns.
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