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Colorise part of string in Ruby

I am new to Ruby and I want a part of a string to be colored. For this, I wrote a class Painter

class Painter
Red='\033[0;31m' # Red color
Green='\033[0;32m' # Green color
def paint(text, color)
return "#{color}#{text}\e[0m"

The way I use this is

puts "Green color looks like #{Painter.new.paint("this", Painter::Green)} and Red color looks like #{Painter.new.paint("this", Painter::Red)}"

I expect the output to look like this -
expected output

But the output on the console looks like -
problematic output

I can solve the problem if I write methods like

def greenify(text)
return "\033[0;32m#{text}\e[0m"

But this means too many methods for one cause. Is there a way I can generify this?

Answer Source

It's because you use single quotes for the colors. Escape sequences like \033 are not handled in single quotes but are in double quotes.


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