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Google Drive PHP API - How to stream a large file

I know how to download files all at once, as shown in the example on this page: Google Drive API -Files: get.

However, if I have a very large file, loading it all into memory would be inefficient and resource-hogging. Therefore, I would like to know if it's possible to stream files with the Drive API, only loading bits of the file into memory at a time, and processing them (in some way like writing to a file or writing directly to output). I've read the docs and even looked a bit at the source for the PHP Google Drive SDK, and it seems that there is support for streaming, but I can't figure out how to use it. All help is appreciated.

Answer Source

Yes it is possible to specify how much of the file to get there by getting it a chunk at a time. But i'm not sure if you can actually read what is in the file until its fully downloaded.

Google drive SDK download files - Partial download

Partial download

Partial download involves downloading only a specified portion of a file. You 
can specify the portion of the file you want to download by using a byte range 
with the Range header. For example:
Range: bytes=500-999

I did a quick scan of the php client lib and I'm not sure that it supports it. This may be something that needs to be added to the client lib or its something that you will have to code on your own with out using the client lib.

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