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Error Pushing to Remote Git Repo

I am trying to push my changes to a Remote Git Repo and I am receiving the following message:

remote: error: unable to create temporary file: No space left on device[K
remote: fatal: failed to write object[K
error: unpack failed: unpack-objects abnormal exit

Contrary to the message that there is no space left on the remote server, there is plenty of space remaining.

Any help resolving this problem would be appreciated.

Edit #1:
I tried using the command
git repack remote/origin/master
git repack
I am still receiving this error after using these commands.

Edit #2:
After accessing the remote server and using the chmod -R 755 command on the .git file the same error persists.

Edit #3:
Another developer is having the same issue while trying to push to remote server. Are there any server side fixes that could be applied?

Note:This did not happen until I resolved a previous local merge conflict

Answer Source

Check to make sure that the server isn't full. You can run the following command on Linux to see size of the filesystem:

df -h

If you don't have any space left you either have to do some cleanup or add more space. If it's a physical machine you would probably need more hard drive space, or if it's a virtual machine you can add more pretty easily.

After you add more space use Gparted to re-size your partition, then, once that's done you can follow this link to re-size the file system: Extending partition on linux gparted but not more space in the vm

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