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keyCodes for Arabic letters for android

In creating a custom keyboard in android, the xml file that contain the keyCodes like this has somelines like this:

what is 56 represent ?? and where can I get all the codes for all the letters English and other languages?
and what if I want to add an Arabic letters to the keyboard next to English letters ? I didn't find the keyCodes for the Arabic letters.

Example in the link

Answer Source

You can this code. It includes all Arabic letter.

        <Key android:codes="1590" android:keyEdgeFlags="left" android:keyLabel="ض" />
        <Key android:codes="1589" android:keyLabel="ص" />
        <Key android:codes="1579" android:keyLabel="ث" />
        <Key android:codes="1602" android:keyLabel="ق" />
        <Key android:codes="1601" android:keyLabel="ف" />
        <Key android:codes="1594" android:keyLabel="غ" />
        <Key android:codes="1593" android:keyLabel="ع" />
        <Key android:codes="1607" android:keyLabel="ه" />
        <Key android:codes="1582" android:keyLabel="خ" />
        <Key android:codes="1581" android:keyLabel="ح" />
        <Key android:codes="1580" android:keyEdgeFlags="right" android:keyLabel="ج" />
        <Key android:codes="1588" android:keyEdgeFlags="left" android:keyLabel="ش" />
        <Key android:codes="1587" android:keyLabel="س" />
        <Key android:codes="1610" android:keyLabel="ي" />
        <Key android:codes="1576" android:keyLabel="ب" />
        <Key android:codes="1604" android:keyLabel="ل" />
        <Key android:codes="1575" android:keyLabel="ا" />
        <Key android:codes="1578" android:keyLabel="ت" />
        <Key android:codes="1606" android:keyLabel="ن" />
        <Key android:codes="1605" android:keyLabel="م" />
        <Key android:codes="1603" android:keyLabel="ك" />
        <Key android:codes="1731" android:keyLabel="ۃ" />
    <Row android:keyWidth="8.800006%p">
        <Key android:codes="1569" android:keyLabel="ء" />
        <Key android:codes="1592" android:keyLabel="ظ" />
        <Key android:codes="1591" android:keyLabel="ط" />
        <Key android:codes="1586" android:keyLabel="ز" />
        <Key android:codes="1583" android:keyLabel="د" />
        <Key android:codes="1584" android:keyLabel="ذ" />
        <Key android:codes="1585" android:keyLabel="ر" />
        <Key android:codes="1608" android:keyLabel="و" />
        <Key android:codes="8216" android:keyLabel="‘" />
        <Key android:keyWidth="12.0%p" android:codes="-5" android:keyEdgeFlags="right" android:isModifier="true" android:isRepeatable="true" android:keyIcon="@drawable/btn_back" />
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