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Why does post request work locally and not remotely? url searched for is different

I have a page with buttons at a specific url. here they are locally and remotly

local :


remote :

when I click on the button and have
app.post("/individual/"+ comp + "/usefulness", postHandler)
in my code, localhost works (the db get updated)

but when I go on line and click on the button I get
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
it could not get
.I found that to be weird . Why did it work on local and not remote?

app.post("/individual/"+ comp + "/usefulness", postHandler)
doesnt include the id after the company name (the company name is the comp var). I'm assuming that for remote I had to add in Id for some reason. I tried something like using regular expression (never did that b4)
app.post("/individual/.+/usefulness", postHandler)
did not work on local and wondering if it would work on remote.

I also do post requests in the same module like this

app.post("/usefulness", postHandler);
app.post("/reviewfor/usefulness", postHandler);

those seem to work

I feel like they all have in common
at the end so maybe a regular expression would work.

Answer Source

This is your problem. Don't use variables this way when defining routes:

app.post("/individual/"+ comp + "/usefulness", postHandler)

It mixes up app-load-time variables (comp in this case) with what should be per-request variables. Express handles per-request variables with route parameters. So you need something like:

app.post("/individual/:comp/usefulness", postHandler)

Then in the body of postHandler you can access req.params.comp which will be the specific value from the URL on this request like comp1, comp2, comp3 etc.

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