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Extract coordinates enclosed by a matplotlib patch.

I have created an ellipse using matplotlib.patches.ellipse as shown below:

patch = mpatches.Ellipse(center, major_ax, minor_ax, angle_deg, fc='none', ls='solid', ec='g', lw='3.')

What I want is a list of all the integer coordinates enclosed inside this patch.
I.e. If I was to plot this ellipse along with every integer point on the same grid, how many of those points are enclosed in the ellipse?

I have tried seeing if I can extract the equation of the ellipse so I can loop through each point and see whether it falls within the line but I can't seem to find an obvious way to do this, it becomes more complicated as the major axis of the ellipse can be orientated at any angle. The information to do this must be stored in patches somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Answer Source

Ellipse objects have a method contains_point which will return 1 if the point is in the ellipse, 0 other wise.

Stealing from @DrV 's answer:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.patches
import numpy as np

# create an ellipse
el = matplotlib.patches.Ellipse((50,-23), 10, 13.7, 30, facecolor=(1,0,0,.2), edgecolor='none')

# calculate the x and y points possibly within the ellipse
y_int = np.arange(-30, -15)
x_int = np.arange(40, 60)

# create a list of possible coordinates
g = np.meshgrid(x_int, y_int)
coords = list(zip(*(c.flat for c in g)))

# create the list of valid coordinates (from untransformed)
ellipsepoints = np.vstack([p for p in coords if el.contains_point(p, radius=0)])

# just to see if this works
fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
ep = np.array(ellipsepoints)
ax.plot(ellipsepoints[:,0], ellipsepoints[:,1], 'ko')

This will give you the result as below:

result image

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