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AngularJS Question

How to prevent scrolling of the body content when bootstrap modal is open

I am using Angular UI Bootstrap Modal box. When the modal opens the body has a scroll. When I scroll the content behind the modal also scrolls.

I can set overflow: hidden to the body tag and this solves the issue. However if I have alot of content within my modal I need a scroll to show. This scroll should not be inside the modal i.e When I use the page scroll the modal should only scroll and not the content. Plunker here

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I'm facing the very same problem actually, using UI Bootstrap, and came up with kind of a workaround. On opening the modal, you add a class (.ovh) to the body, that sets overflow to hidden. On closing/dismissing the modal, you remove that class, so that scrolling is possible again.

See my fork of your fiddle here:

Note that I've placed the class in the index.html, just for demonstration purposes. Besides I injected $document in the controller definition, to use the reference provided by angular.

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