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Node.js Question

Set gulp tasks depending on NODE_ENV

Is there a way to specify a gulp task depending on the

that is set?

For example in my
file, I have something like:

"scripts": {
"start": "gulp"

And I have multiple

gulp.task('development', function(){
// run dev related tasks like watch

gulp.task('production', function(){
// run prod related tasks

If I set
NODE_ENV=production npm start
, can I specify to only run
gulp production
? Or is there a better way to do this?

Answer Source

Using a single ternary in your default gulp task, you can have something like:

  [process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production' ? 'production' : 'development']

You will then be able to keep the single gulp command in your package.json and using this like you said:

NODE_ENV=production npm start

Any other value of your NODE_ENV variable will launch the development task.

You could of course do an advanced usage using an object allowing for multiple tasks and avoiding if trees hell:

var tasks = {
  development: 'development',
  production: ['git', 'build', 'publish'],
  preprod: ['build:preprod', 'publish:preprod'],

gulp.task('default', tasks[process.env.NODE_ENV] || 'fallback')

Keep in mind that when giving an array of tasks, they will be run in parallel.

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