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How to delete a list element from a list in python?

I have a list of lists like this one :

[[1, 'Reason', [('reason',), ('other_reason',)]], [2, 'other', [('dep',),
('path',)]], [3, "foo", [('bar',), ('bar1',)]] ]

I have this list in a function that sometimes return it as it is (an edit mode) and in (show details) mode change the last element from the last position to the first position , so the list will be like :

[ [1, "foo", [('bar',), ('bar1',)]], [2, 'other', [('dep',), ('path',)]],
[3, 'Reason', [('reason',), ('other_reason',)]]]

I want to remove the list that contains 'Reason' (the first list in the first example ).

I tried using
method to have index but it is not working since 'Reason' is not an element of the list.

also the index is not the same so
del list[0]
is not a good choice

Any ideas?

Answer Source


>>> l = [[1, 'Reason', [('reason',), ('other_reason',)]], [2, 'other', [('dep',), ('path',)]], [3, "foo", [('bar',), ('bar1',)]] ]>>>
>>> [e for e in l if 'Reason' not in e]
[[2, 'other', [('dep',), ('path',)]], [3, 'foo', [('bar',), ('bar1',)]]]

Explanation: this builds a new list from the first one, putting in it all elements except the ones containing 'Reason'.

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