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C# Refine class property which is a List<string>

I have a class property:-

public List<string> szTypeOfFileList{get;set;}

As the name suggest, the property stores user selection of types of Files of interest (.txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf, etc).

I am trying to assess whether there is way I could refine this List as it is being populated by user entries OR, if I should wait for all entries and then call a separate method to refine the property.

What I mean by this is, let's say a particular user input is ".doc/.docx". Currently, this would be stored in the List as a single string item. However I want it to be stored as two items separately. This will keep the code in one place and wont require future modules and such.

private List<string> _szTypeOfFileList = new List<string>();
public List<string> szTypeOfFileList
return _szTypeOfFileList;
// Some kind of validation/refining method here ?? //


Because my FileTypeList is coming from a checkboxList, I had to use a different methodology than the answer I accepted (which pointed me in the right direction).

foreach (object itemchecked in FileTypeList.CheckedItems)
string[] values = itemchecked.ToString().Split('/');
foreach(var item in values)

This part of my code is in the UI class before it is passed on to the Business class.

Answer Source

If you know that it'll always be split with a "/" character, just use a split on the string. Including a simple bit of verification to prevent obvious duplicates, you might do something along the lines of:

string[] values = x.Split('/');
foreach (string val in values) {
    if (!_szTypeOfFileList.Contains(val.ToLower().Trim())) {

You can also use an array of characters in place of the '/' to split against, if you need to consider multiple characters in that spot.

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