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WooCommerce not showing templates

Hi i'm creating a webshop with WooCommerce but with a self made theme, now showing the content-single-template works fine, however the cart/checkout page is not working. This is what i've done so far:

• Add woocommerce.php in the root of my theme with


• Created "woocommerce" directory in the root of my theme inside this directory another one "checkout" and inside there my custom form-checkout.php

• Shortcodes on every page are included

• Clean install WooCommerce

• Flushed permalinks

I've read trough this article from WooCommerce on how to integrate it and followed every step precisely.

When i switch to a differend theme it does show the cart/checkout page so wondering what i'm overseeing here.



Contents: woocommerce.php




Answer Source

Got it fixed, because i basically created my own theme i started switching theme's and see the difference between mine and the working theme.

What fixed it for me was in content.php placing this:

<?php the_content(); ?>
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