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PHP Question

How to put line-breaks in Yii2 validation rules messages

I need to break a long message used in Yii2 validation rule.

I tried like this:

public function rules()
return [
['username', 'required', 'message' => 'long message first line here'."<br>".PHP_EOL.'long message last line here'],

but the
appears in the message and the line doesn't break where I need.

Just to be clear, what I get is:

long message first line here<br>long message last line here

and not:

long message first line here
long message last line here

Anyone who can help with this? I'd be really grate! Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

I have solved adding this to ActiveForm::begin

<?php $form = ActiveForm::begin([

        'fieldConfig' => [
            'errorOptions' => ['class' => 'help-block', 'encode' => false],

]); ?>

and with a simple <br />

 [['username'], 'required', 'message' => 'long message first line here <br />long message last line here'],
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