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UILabel justify left and right

i have UILabel (cocoa touch framework) and i want to right and left justify its text.
as a consequence it will stretch the text inside.

like if i had this text "While the saved costs of physical manufacturing and shipping" it would appear like the following:

"While the saved"
"c o s t s o f"
"p h y s i c a l"
"a n d shipping"

as you can see left and right justification...

how can i achieve that ???

many thanks

  • i'm sorry i had to put the double qoutations to post the question.

Answer Source

You should use my OHAttributedLabel class.

It has everything needed to display an NSAttributedString, including justifying left, center, right… and justified, and is really simple to use.

You can find it here on github. See the sample code provided that also shows how to change text justification.

// suppose that label is an IBOutlet to an OHAttributedLabel (subclass oh UILabel)
label.textAlignment = UITextAlignmentJustify; // and that's all, OHAttributedLabel does everything needed for you!

(Note: UITextAlignmentJustify is a constant defined in OHAttributedLabel headers that matches corresponding CoreText constant for justify alignment. This constant does not exists in Apple's SDK)


Since iOS6 SDK, the UITextAlignmentJustify does not work anymore and generate a crash at runtime. Now you should set the text alignment of your NSAttributedString itself instead of using the textAlignment property of the label.

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