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PHP user profile page

Im trying to make a website with users on it, and I'm trying to create a script so that whenever a new user registers it will automatically create a user folder and profile for them but when I try to register it doesn't create the files,
could someone please help me with this, Thanks


include "inc/header.php";

$newfolder = $username;

if (!mkdir($newfolder, 0777, true)) {
die('Failed to create folders...');

$pagename = $username;

$newFileName = './u/'.$username.'/'.$pagename.".php";
$newFileContent = '<?php echo "something..."; ?>';

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To make a directory/file

if (!file_exists("parent_folder/$username")) {
//Create a file with read write execute PERMISSIONS ENABLED 
//Please check :  your parent folder also must have 0777 permissions to avoid any kind of read write error
        mkdir("parent_folder/$username", 0777);
//now u have to create a FILE with .php
//now this file_put_contents is VERY importnant !
$pagename = $username ;
$newFileName = './parent_folder/$username/'.$pagename.".php";
$newFileContent = '<?php echo "something..."; ?>';

if (file_put_contents($newFileName, $newFileContent) !== false) {
//notify file is created 
    echo "File created (" . basename($newFileName) . ")";
} else {
//notify u have error
    echo "Cannot create file (" . basename($newFileName) . ")";

//now create ur .php file in user folder
       else {
    echo "Your parent folder does not exist"

Now the possible error and some tips

1) Most of people do fopen("filename_with_PATH", "w") and expect that file will be generated in PATH folder ! Some times it might fall wrong (depends on version)

fopen is meant to create a file in the directory where your php resides

2) check ur php permission in php.ini if u dont give php permission to write,remote access then u might get some errors (it will be displayed that u have error in my script)

3)For more info and tinkering file_put_contents

Hope this will be helpful for you ..

Please note : Mark answer as CORREECT to let community it worked,or add comments if not.

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