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How to get a color from the current theme programmatically in android(Xamarin)

I need to get some default theme color values programmatically (e.g. windowBackground, colorPrimary). I'm executing the code from an Activity. My target android API is 21. I'm using a

Theme.Material theme
. I've tried:

var attributeValue = new Android.Util.TypedValue();
this.Theme.ResolveAttribute(Resource.Attribute.colorPrimary, attributeValue, true)

with different resource identifier, but i always get a

Answer Source

Use this code I have tested

For WindowBackground :

Code :

Android.Util.TypedValue a = new Android.Util.TypedValue();
Theme.ResolveAttribute(Android.Resource.Attribute.WindowBackground, a , true);
var windowBackgroundDrawable = Application.Context.GetDrawable(a.ResourceId);      
var windowBackgroundColor = ((Android.Graphics.Drawables.ColorDrawable)windowBackgroundD‌​rawable).Color;

Output My Case is : FAFAFA

For ColorPrimary use this :

Code :

Android.Util.TypedValue a = new Android.Util.TypedValue();
Theme.ResolveAttribute(Android.Resource.Attribute.ColorPrimary, a , true);
var colorPrimarya = Application.Context.GetDrawable(a.ResourceId);      
var colorPrimary = ((Android.Graphics.Drawables.ColorDrawable) colorPrimarya).Color;

Output My Case is : 0072BA

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