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Javascript Question

jquery find next element with class name

<div class="form-group">
<label>Morgage application completed (if yes please enter date)</label>
<span id="RblMorgAppComp" class="rblLocal checkonchange">
<input id="RblMorgAppComp" type="radio" name="RblMorgAppComp" value="Yes">
<label for="RblMorgAppComp">Yes</label>
<input id="RblMorgAppComp" type="radio" name="RblMorgAppComp" value="No">
<label for="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RblMorgAppComp_1">No</label></span>
<div class="input-group date datepick">
<input name="TxtMorgAppCompDate" type="text" id="TxtMorgAppCompDate" class="form-control rddt">
<span class="input-group-addon">
<i class="fa fa-calendar"></i>

and the following jquery.

$('.checkonchange input').change(function () {
var rdlVal = $(this).val();
if (rdlVal == 'Yes') {
//$(this).parent().parent().next('input').find('.rddt').css('border', 'solid 1px #000');
//$(this).next('.rddt').css('border', 'solid 1px #000');
//$(this).closest("input['type=text']").css('border', 'solid 1px #000');

I'm trying to change the focus to the text box if the user selects yes. As you can see I have tried numerous things, but I can't get it to work.

I'm sure it must be something simple. I can't just find the class name because I have many of these radio buttons and text boxes on the 1 page.


Answer Source

Set value for all inputs with class .rddt which located in class .form-group (focus will be on last input)


Also you can use ID



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