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JIRA Cloud not logging time from smart commits

We have a JIRA Cloud project hooked to a Bitbucket repo. We've enabled time tracking and made sure all the user emails are correct.

Edit: I recently noticed that my commit author was NOT the correct user, but that is fixed now and the commits recognize my avatar and everything.

We have also enabled smart commits for the repo.

Still, when we make a commit with the issue key and the syntax

#time 1h
, the issue pops up in the Jira project but no time is logged. Any ideas why or how I might go about debugging this?

Answer Source

Found the issue: The smart commits do not accept adding commands on new lines in the commit message, without referencing every command with a issue key first.

So, this is how I would do it (which doesn't work):

Commit message here.


#time 1h
#any other command

And here's how it's supposed to be (which seems to work for us as well):

Commit message here.

JIR-123 #time 1h
JIR-123 #any other command

For more details, see the discussion over here:

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