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ASP.NET Button with Bootstrap Glyphicon

I'm attempting to use glyphicons as icons for ASP


I know you can easily do this by giving the
element the proper
CSS, and then parent it under the desired button.

However, I want to do this from the C# side NOT HTML. How do I do this?

I tried the following, to no avail:

HtmlGenericControl i1 = new HtmlGenericControl("i");
i1.Attributes["class"] = "glyphicon glyphicon-backward";
i1.Attributes["aria-hidden"] = "true";

Button btnFirst = new Button();
btnFirst.ID = "btnFirst";
btnFirst.CommandName = "FirstPage";
btnFirst.CssClass = "btn btn-default pageButton";
btnFirst.Click += new EventHandler(btnFirst_Click);

If I run this as above, the button is shown, but there is no icon.
In the HTML, there is no
element nested beneath the button. In fact, it appears to no exist.

Answer Source

For your button to have a child element, use LinkButton instead of using Button:

LinkButton btnFirst = new LinkButton();

The Button is rendered to <input type='button'> that doesn't allow any child elements.

LinkButton is rendered by .NET to <a> so it will work, and btnFirst's EventHandler will be kept as well.

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