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d3 v4 TypeScript types

I'm putting together a little d3 project and since it's quite complex, I wanted to use TypeScript to make some of the development a bit simpler and less error-prone.

I'm using d3 v4. I think I was using the wrong type definition file before, but I didn't run into any problems for a long time until it eventually complained that

does not contain a definition for

I've since moved to what I believe is the correct definition file, which does have a definition for
, however now a significant number of my variables have invalid types.

Here are some examples:

public SVGElement : d3.Selection<SVGElement>;
public SVGTitleArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement>;
public SVGLegendArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement>;
public SVGXAxisArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement>;
public SVGYAxisArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement>;
public SVGChartArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement>;

I used to create these like this:

this.SVGElement = d3.Select("body").append("svg");
this.SVGTitleArea = <d3.Selection<SVGGElement>>this.SVGElement.append("g");


I also have a number of functions that render different components of the graph:

public RenderTitle() : d3.Selection<SVGGElement> {
this.SVGTitleArea = <d3.Selection<SVGGElement>>this.SVGElement.append("g");

// Do stuff here

return this.SVGTitleArea;

Ever since moving to the probably-correct typings file, it now complains that the
type expects 4 types:

interface Selection<GElement extends Element | EnterElement | Window, Datum, PElement extends Element | EnterElement | Window, PDatum>

Now, I know it's not ideal and I would prefer a stronger typing, but I've managed to at least fix the errors with respect to the variable definitions:

public SVGElement : d3.Selection<SVGElement, any, any, any>;
public SVGTitleArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>;
public SVGLegendArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>;
public SVGXAxisArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>;
public SVGYAxisArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>;
public SVGChartArea : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>;

But I can't do the same for the render functions:

public RenderTitle() : d3.Selection<SVGGElement, any, any, any>

I've tried hovering over the calls that create, for example, the
element to see exactly what the signature should be, but it actually gives the
, any any any>

What is my best option here? Is there a simple way to fix these types? Should I just leave them all as
? Should I downgrade to d3 v3? Should I keep using v4 and abandon TypeScript?

Thank you.

Answer Source

Exactly where your problem is I do not see. This is possible:

let mySelection : d3.Selection<SVGElement, {}, HTMLElement, any> = d3.selectAll<SVGElement, {}>('#line');
function foo() : d3.Selection<SVGElement, {}, HTMLElement, any> {
  return mySelection.append<SVGElement>('g')
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