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Node.js Question

vue files without NodeJS?

I want to host my app outside of node JS, but I want to use .vue files and possible npm as build system (if it's needed). Is it's possible to do?

I do not need any backward compatibility and if it work on latest Chrome dev it's ok for me.

Is there any examples how it can be done?

I tried to build some webpack template, but it's work only inside NodeJS. On other server I am getting 404 when I am accessing to URLs that placed in

files. It's seems that they can't be handled by the other server.

Answer Source
  1. VueJS app is not NodeJS app.
  2. VueJS app is interpreted by the browser.
  3. You just have to build your app on computer and host files as any static website, so any server which will serve html and files.
  4. To buil your app use e.g. Webpack ( )
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