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Background blur with CSS

I want an Vista/7-aero-glass-style effect on a popup on my site, and it needs to be dynamic. I'm fine with this not being a cross-browser effect as long as the site still works on all modern browsers.

My first attempt was to use something like

#dialog_base {


However, as I should have expected, this resulted in the content of the dialog being blurred and the background staying clear. Is there any way to use CSS to blur the background of a semitransparent element instead of its contents?

Answer Source

The only way (so far) of having a blur effect in the background without js plugins, is the use of -moz-element() property in combination with the svg blur filter. With -moz-element() you can define an element as a background image of another element. Then you apply the svg blur filter. OPTIONAL: You can utilize some jQuery for scrolling if your background is in fixed position.

See my demo here

I understand it is a quite complicated solution and limited to FF (element() applies only to Mozilla at the moment with -moz-element() property) but at least there's been some effort in the past to implement in webkit browsers and hopefully it will be implemented in the future.

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