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React JSX Question

Can't add multiple lines of components into variable

I want to save the content in a variable depending on the result of an if statement. But when I add multiple lines it doesn't work.

let content = null
if( != null){
content = <Text>Just this line works</Text>
<Text>This doesn't work</Text>

I can't find out what to do. I can't add + at the end of the line like in Javascript.

Answer Source

Components need to be wrapped in a parent containing component, unless you create it as an array with keys.

// this would work because it's wrapped inside parentheses and has a parent component
content = (
            <Text>Just this line works</Text>
            <Text>This doesn't work</Text>

// this works because the components are an array
content = [
           <Text key="1">Just this line works</Text>,
           <Text key="2">This doesn't work</Text>
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