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JSON Question

How to fetch large images from discogs api?

Is it possible to get higher quality images from discogs api? Right now I can only get a thumbnail image of size 150x150. Is there any way for developers to get a better quality image? The JSON only has link for thumnail images.

So if this is my request

This is the response that I get

"Alternative Rock",
"(31,456) RE I",
"(31,457) RE I",
"MS-2094 31456-1",
"MS-2094 31457-1",
"S1\u00b7MS 2094A 31456-Re1-T2 ",
"25 MS 20941 31457 Re1\u00b7T2",
"Bizarre Records",
"Reprise Records",
"Warner Bros. Records Inc.",
"Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records, Inc.",
"Warner Bros. Records Inc.",
"Warner Bros. Records Inc.",
"Munchkin Music",
"Paramount Studios"
"catno":"MS 2094",
"title":"Frank Zappa - Waka / Jawaka \u2022 Hot Rats",

I want to have larger images, how can I do that? Is that even possible? Thanks !!

Answer Source

When you search for releases you get an id that you can use to get more release info.

Make call to{id}?key={your_key}&secret={your_secret}

Response usually has some image urls that you can download.

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