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Customize NSToolbar - Disable "Use small size"

How do I disable the "Use small size" option in the toolbar? I am using Xcode 4.

(That's the option that appears when users go to customize the Toolbar.)

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You could subclass NSToolbar, override -setSizeMode: and in your implementation call [super setSizeMode: NSToolbarSizeModeRegular];.

If you're instantiating the toolbar in Interface Builder then make sure you assign your subclass to the toolbar in the nib.

@implementation RKToolbar
- (void)setSizeMode:(NSToolbarSizeMode)aSizeMode
    [super setSizeMode:NSToolbarSizeModeRegular];

This won't remove the checkbox from the customize panel but it will prevent it from doing anything.

There's not really a supported way to remove the checkbox. This does work but it's pretty hacky:

//in your NSToolbar subclass
- (void)runCustomizationPalette:(id)sender
    [super runCustomizationPalette:sender];

    NSWindow* toolbarWindow = [NSApp mainWindow];

    NSWindow* sheet = [toolbarWindow attachedSheet];

    for(NSView* view in [[sheet contentView] subviews])
        if([view isKindOfClass:[NSButton class]])
            if([[[(NSButton*)view cell] valueForKey:@"buttonType"] integerValue] == NSSwitchButton)
                [view setHidden:YES];
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