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PHP Question

How to connect to a hosted database?

I have my databse hosted on a site.
How can I modify this:

$con=mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "amit");

in order to connect to my database hoted on the www.abc.com (example) site?

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For making the username display onto the next page, you would need to store your authenticated user's username in a session, as HTTP is a stateless protocol.

So, after you have successfully authenticated the user, set the session variable with the username.

   $_SESSION['username'] = $sUserName;
   //Then redirect the user to the account.php page
else {
 //redirect to the login page.

Once you've set the session variable you can use the variable anywhere, but don't forget to start the session at every page using, session_start() Then you can access the username on account.php as follows:

   echo $_SESSION['username'];

Also, answering your second question: Just replace "localhost" with any host of your choice to connect to a remote database engine.


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