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Extra comma when concatenate JavaScript Arrays

I am trying to write a few

arrays into a CSV file. However, I need to add line break at certain locations. The following code works, but it accidently add
as the first element in Row 2 (or say it add
since Row 2). I am wondering what caused this? Thanks in advance!

current output

Chemical, CAS, MW
, water, 00566, 666

desire output

Chemical, CAS, MW
water, 00566, 666


var Chem1 = "water"
var CAS1 = "00566"
var MW1 = "666"

var csv_content = []
var csv_content_final = []
csv_content[0] = ["Chemical, CAS, MW"];
var chem_property = [Chem1, CAS1, MW1];
csv_content[1] = chem_property;
for (kkk = 0; kkk < ($(csv_content).size()); kkk++) {
csv_content_final[kkk] = csv_content[kkk] + '\n';



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Answer Source

The reason for the , is because by definition the CSV format is 'Comma Separated Values'

A new line is not considered a delimiter, only a comma.


If you REALLY want to not have a comma at the start, this will work: console.log(csv_content_final.join(''));


But this is not CSV

enter image description here

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