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iOS Question

Apple Maps, title/label overriding lat and log

The question is how to launch apple maps with lat/long and a title on the pin.

I have tried

http://maps.apple.com/?q=39.40633,-74.54469(Egg Harbor)

But it seems that ios maps just ignores the lat/long and puts a pin on the location of the Label.
So it puts the pin in the middle of Egg Harbor Township, and not the lat/long location.

How can you on IOS put a pin on a lat/long location and label it?

Answer Source

What you are trying to do isn't possible, using q= just do a search on the maps, that's why it puts the pin in the middle of Egg Harbor, you can't really control the title of the pin

Here you can read the available parameters you can use for the urls, but there is no parameter for pins


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