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ASP.NET (C#) Question

ASP.NET Identity reset password

How can I get the password of a user in the new ASP.NET Identity system? Or how can I reset without knowing the current one (user forgot password)?

Answer Source

In current release

Assuming you have handled the verification of the request to reset the forgotten password, use following code as a sample code steps.

ApplicationDbContext =new ApplicationDbContext()
String userId = "<YourLogicAssignsRequestedUserId>";
String newPassword = "<PasswordAsTypedByUser>";
ApplicationUser cUser = UserManager.FindById(userId);
String hashedNewPassword = UserManager.PasswordHasher.HashPassword(newPassword);
UserStore<ApplicationUser> store = new UserStore<ApplicationUser>();            
store.SetPasswordHashAsync(cUser, hashedNewPassword);

In AspNet Nightly Build

The framework is updated to work with Token for handling requests like ForgetPassword. Once in release, simple code guidance is expected.


This update is just to provide more clear steps.

ApplicationDbContext context = new ApplicationDbContext();
UserStore<ApplicationUser> store = new UserStore<ApplicationUser>(context);
UserManager<ApplicationUser> UserManager = new UserManager<ApplicationUser>(store);
String userId = User.Identity.GetUserId();//"<YourLogicAssignsRequestedUserId>";
String newPassword = "test@123"; //"<PasswordAsTypedByUser>";
String hashedNewPassword = UserManager.PasswordHasher.HashPassword(newPassword);                    
ApplicationUser cUser = await store.FindByIdAsync(userId);
await store.SetPasswordHashAsync(cUser, hashedNewPassword);
await store.UpdateAsync(cUser);
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