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Visual Studio 2015 C# XAML Designer doesn't load

In the new Visual Studio 2015 RC the XAML designer does not bring up a UI for a C# Windows Universal project but it does for a C++ Windows Universal project. This occurs with both the Professional and Community editions. Has any one experience the same problem and have a workaround/solution?

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To help clarify this a bit -

If you are building a Universal Windows 10 application with Visual Studio 2015 running on Windows 8.1 - something that we have enabled for the first time without requiring your to upgrade your OS, you will not be offered the XAML designer option - we will only allow you to edit XAML using the editor and IntelliSense. Similarly, you will not be allowed to test the application locally or using the Simulator (since it is a Windows 10 application and cannot run on your machine). Everything else should work fine, but for the best experience possible, consider upgrading to Windows 10.

If you are building a Windows 8.1 universal application, it should work just like before.

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