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Git Question

How to push / setup cloned github project

I have cloned entire project like this

git clone --recursive "D:\74 pokemon go\Pokemon-Go-Rare-Hunter-Bot"

It has created the project folder and cloned everything

Now i want to convert this into my project and push it into github

But no matter what i do i can not achieve it

When i type
git status
i see the below output

enter image description here

So what commands do i need to convert this into a github project and push it into remote repository?

I can not fork since i have previously forked project and it does not let me fork until i remove what i have or rename it which i do not want

Or can i fork with a different name?

Answer Source

fork it on github then clone your own repo.

If you have already forked you should branch it.

git checkout -b new-branch <COMMIT_ID>
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