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Android Question

how to find and replace character in textview in android?

I use this code for replace this • character with \n in textview in android

TextView tvcontent=(TextView) row.findViewById(;
tvcontent.setText(content[position].replace("•", "\n"));

Now I want to replace this char in the image
but I don't know what is the ASCII code of that char in the image to replace in android.

If you know what is ASCII code of the char please help.

Answer Source

If you mean a middot char, its code is 183.
Also, maybe this link can help.

Ok, now I got what you want.
This page would answer your question. Brief extract from this page:

this is OBJECT REPLACEMENT CHARACTER and it's code in Java is \uFFFC. Also I typed it in Android Studio - it works (screen below): enter image description here
If you possibly need it in HTML - it's code is  ().

And don't forget to use single quote when you will replace this char!

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