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How can I drag a UICollectionViewCell from one UICollectionView to another UICollectionView?

I am making an iPad application. On one page of this application, there is a UICollectionView on the left-hand side and another UICollectionView on the right hand side. Each UICollectionView is one column wide.

The functionality I desire is as follows:
Each UICollectionViewCell on the left hand side should be able to be dragged to the UICollectionView on the right hand side. If this is not possible, then at least a UICollectionViewCell should be able to be dragged out of the left UICollectionView and then I'll handle having it appear in the righthand UICollectionView.

Is this functionality possible? If so, how would I go about implementing it?

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There's no way to actually 'pass' a cell from a collection to the other, but you can do the following:

1) Once you detect that the user dragged a cell in the other collection, delete the cell from the first collection (let's call it Collection 1). You can maybe use a nice fade animation to make the cell disappear.

2) Add a cell to the second table with a nice animation (see the UICollectionView and UICollectionViewLayout methods and delegate methods for this).