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JavaScript debugger in JavaScript

I am looking for a JavaScript JavaScript debugger.

The situation is as follows: I am making a JS game engine. The AI scripts as well as various other actions are implemented in JS. It is possible, from the engine's developer mode, to edit this code from the browser itself (using Ace).

Now I want to add debugging capabilities. Mostly I am looking for breakpoints with step into/step over support.

I couldn't find any such library. The best I could find is the outdated debug-js project.

Note that this debugger is intended for developers who are building games using my engine. This happens from inside the browser. The engine is in JS. The debugger should be in JS as well. I want full control over these debugging features, so I can't just use the browser's debugger.

For example if you type the ID of a character in an AI script, I highlight this character. This is the kind of things I can't provide if I edit the scripts in the browser's debugger, but that I can do from Ace running in the page.

Answer Source

Esprima looks like an interesting starting point. It makes it possible to instrument JavaScript code. This JavaScript execution visualization looks particularly promising.

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