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SQL Question

How to calculate percentage with a SQL statement

I have a SQL Server table that contains users & their grades. For simplicity's sake, lets just say there are 2 columns -

. So a typical row would be Name: "John Doe", Grade:"A".

I'm looking for one SQL statement that will find the percentages of all possible answers. (A, B, C, etc...) Also, is there a way to do this without defining all possible answers (open text field - users could enter 'pass/fail', 'none', etc...)

The final output I'm looking for is A: 5%, B: 15%, C: 40%, etc...

Answer Source

I have tested the following and this does work. The answer by gordyii was close but had the multiplication of 100 in the wrong place and had some missing parenthesis.

Select Grade, (Count(Grade)* 100 / (Select Count(*) From MyTable)) as Score
From MyTable
Group By Grade
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