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How to display debug output from android logcat in NetBeans?

I am using jfxmobile-plugin:1.1.0 in NetBeans by Gluon.
After launch debug apk I want display debug output from Android logcat in NetBeans Output console, but I don't known how it.

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There is a plugin for NetBeans, nbandroid. It has recently been updated to the 8.1 version.

You can install it following this link: on NetBeans->Tools->Plugins, select settings tab, add this new URL: Then on the available plugins look for Android, and install both Android and Android Gradle Support plugins.

Before you can use it, edit NetBeans->Tools->Options->Miscellaneous, Android tab, and make sure the Android SDK path is provided.

Then you will be able to use it, by calling NetBeans->Windows->Output->ADB Log.